School Art

Mondrian Painting

This is my take on a painting in the style of Piet Mondrian.
The first photo was created on Microsoft Paint. The second it the painting itself.

I did the one on Microsoft Paint first so that if I made a mistake or didn't like it I would be able to make changes.
Then I did the painting as close to the one on the computer.

The actual process to do this painting wasn't just painting black lines on white and coloring  in a few boxes.  The first step was to paint thick black lines where I wanted them, then cover the lines in tape. The thickness of the lines in the end depended on how much I covered with tape.

The next step was to cover the entire painting in white paint to cover any black spots that were not covered in tape. The black lines stayed black because the tape protected it from the white.

The next step was to fill in the appropriate boxes with the right colors. After that had dried all I had to do was slowly
peal of the tape to reveal perfectly strait black lines.