School Art

Tape Sculpture

For this project there were many steps. First we figuring out  that we were going to make a person falling. This would be a full body tape sculpture so we decided to do it in parts. 

First we did the legs, then the waist, torso, arms, and finally the head. To make all of these parts, we would wrap the "model" in seranwrap and the proceed to wrap the part we were working on in about three or more layers of packaging tape. Then we carefully cut off the tape to have a perfect replica of the part we were working on in tape.

After we had all of the body parts, we filled them in shredded paper to reinforce the parts and make sure they hold their shape. With all the parts filled we then attached them all together to create what looked like a person in tape. To add to this affect we wrapped the whole thing in masking tape then put clothes on it.

Because we made the sculpture as someone falling, this is how we installed it. I had my partner hold it over the stair well to portray the violence that can happen at school.
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